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Beginner & Intermediate Courses

If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, these courses are perfect for you. No matter your goals or experience, this is an excellent way for students to learn new skills or expand existing skills. Are you ready to unlock your own potential? Learn the art and science of breath-hold and deep diving; master the physical and mental techniques of elite athletes; begin a life-changing adventure! Interested in enrolling or learning more about these courses? 

We’re happy to answer any questions; if you want to enrich your life, explore and experience the ocean, get in touch today.

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Coronavirus Message

All trips, courses and camps are currently postponed to ensure the safety of our community. As soon as it's safe to get back in the water we will resume our regular services and update you with the new details.

In the meantime, to keep up our enthusiasm, we have created some safe specials:

One-on-one underwater photoshoots in Australia. Tailored packages for families, couples and individuals in isolation at heavily discounted rates. All shoots abide by health and safety regulations.

Online freediving training programs and challenges for individuals and teams. Practice freediving skills on land and join our community honing their dry training.

Theory sessions for Lap 1 & 2 and Wave 1 & 2 courses are taught in full length, the same as you would receive in any course. The theory will go towards your full accreditation.

These specials are held by our qualified instructors in live presentations.

We understand many people across the world are impacted by the pandemic. We believe these extraordinary times call for community spirit. We are offering free online participation in our training programs for any freedivers.

To participate in any of our activities simply send us a message us via our contact page to sign up. 

We hope everyone stays healthy, safe and happy. We can't wait to see you again. When the time comes, together we'll be back in the water with joy!

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Freediving Courses

Our courses are engineered for learning, performance and connection. We will be there as your coaches to support you every step of the way. We teach beginner and intermediate divers the love of freediving both in the pool and open water. All courses include certification and free on-going training with our community. To share our passion, programs are tailored made to combine Freediving, Underwater Photo Shoots and Marine Conservation.

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L A P   1

Introduction to pool freediving

In this full-day course, beginners will learn advanced relaxation techniques that allow anyone to hold their breath for a minimum of 90 seconds, complete dynamic distance of 30 metres in the pool and learn the theory that unlocks the world of freediving. We focus on mental and technical skills including visualisation, equalisation and finning. This course is ideal for those with little/no experience, who would appreciate a gentle introduction to the water and to the freediving practice. Develop empowering new skills, learn to hold and control your breath above and below the surface. Once completed students may continue their learning onto Wave 1.


L A P   2

Advanced pool freediving

Students learn to refine the skills and techniques learned in Lap 1, and are introduced to more advanced skills. Students learn about performance dives and new elements such as the dolphin kick, no fins. This course is held over two days, with much improvement accomplished over the weekend including far longer dynamic distances and static breath holds. This a confidence building course for all our students.

Upon completion students may continue their learning onto Wave 2.

W A V E   1

Introduction to freediving

This course is one of the most exciting and memorable weekends of any freediver's journey! Beginning open water diving is a life-changing experience, that may become a lifelong love affair. Students learn how to be comfortable and safe in the water plus all the basics of freediving. We impart all the techniques and theory to guarantee success for every beginner. Students transfer their new skills and knowledge from the pool and classroom into depth diving. Highlights of this course are discovering the wonders of the human body and realising what you're capable of. Once certified as a Wave 1 diver, students may progress onto Wave 2 by achieving wonderful results:

In the Pool

  • 1:30 min Static Breath Hold 

  • 30m Dynamic With Fins

In the Sea​

  • 12 – 20m Constant Weight / Free Immersion

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W A V E   2

Intermediate freediving

This 3-day course is filled with personal bests! Facilitating growth, refinement and milestone development. Introduction to Frenzel, Visualization and No Fins, plus learn the joy and power of Freefall! We further advance the techniques and theory learned in Wave 1. Once certified as a Wave 2 diver, students will have accomplished great feats:

In the Pool

  • 2:30 min Static Breath Hold 

  • 55m Dynamic With Fins

  • 35m Dynamic No Fins 

In the Sea

  • 15m Constant Weight No Fins

  • 24 – 30m Constant Weight / Free Immersion

D I V I N G  &  P H O T O G R A P H S

Photography & Freediving Packages

If you would like to begin or advance your freediving with Anak Pacific as well as participate in the making of a unique underwater photo session, our Photo-Freedive package deals are made for you. Discover the secrets required to pose and dive underwater like a professional model or athlete. Our talented photographers and experienced freediving instructors will guide, support and direct you through the whole shoot in confined or open water. These packages are exclusively offered by Anak Pacific and are unique in all the world of freediving and underwater photography. Photo sessions are original and specifically tailored to achieve your desired result. Please send us an enquiry with your request and details, as bookings are essential. For more information, head to our Photography page and peruse our standard packages. Remember all program enrolments make you eligible for a 10% discount on any further session with Anak Pacific!


E C O  C A M P S

Freediving and Conservation

This unique course covers the Wave 1 of Freediving and introduces students to Marine Conservation theory and practice. Students will learn to both dive and plant coral in artificial reefs to contribute to the restoration of failing reef ecosystems. This has proved to be a great success and allows citizen scientists to discover their individual power to protect our earth and oceans. This is a weekend long, immersive experience into an exciting culture of learning in the name of Marine Conservation. We're proud to be partnered with local group initiatives as we continue to nurture these important projects. If you are looking to enjoy the ocean and make a positive impact on the environment and sustainable tourism, this trip is for you!

Freediving: Courses & Programs

D I V E  W I T H
D O L P H I N S   & 
M A N T A   R A Y S

Marine life encounters

Join us on this adventure-packed day to freedive alongside large pods of wild Dolphins, and graceful, gliding Oceanic Manta Rays. These special encounters include boat transfers and lunch, a full day on the water to explore the natural habitat and habits of these local marine creatures. Learn about these beautiful animals from our knowledgeable guides while enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity. For more information see our Conservation page. Specific dates reserved throughout the year, so enquire now to secure your spot.

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