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Commitment & Community 

Our goal is to restore the ocean to good health one project at a time. We offer a number of rewarding eco trips and camps that incite action through the expansion of knowledge as well as up close and personal encounters with beautiful marine life. We invite you to join this environmental movement and help our oceans thrive once more. We work together with coastal communities and non-government organisations (NGOs) to ensure the livelihoods of all creatures who depend on the oceans, including us humans!

Learn the skills to restore coral reefs, freedive with wild dolphins and manta rays, clean up our beaches and consume consciously. Our eco freediving courses are a beautiful way to build connection with the ocean and understand its importance. Through underwater photography, we are dedicated to telling the story of our oceans, and you can be a part of it all.

Anak Pacific is calling environmentalists and freedivers of all levels to learn and take action. Come and discover how together, freedivers can be a positive force on our blue planet.

Conservation: Courses & Programs

E c o   F r e e d i v i n g

C a m p

Adventures Below and Beyond

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Conservation Innovation

Our 2020 Eco Freediving Camps are proudly presented by Anak Pacific and Yayasan Alam Indonesia Lestari (LINI).

We have joined forces in collaboration as a freediving and underwater photography centre and community development and sustainable fisheries NGO. Together we’re offering Indonesia’s first-ever marine conservation and freediving course. 

During the camp, you’ll become a freediver, diving from 12 to 20 meters with a single breath, as well as a marine conservationist! This camp will be conducted in LINI Aquaculture Training Centre (LATC) located in Bali. You will learn how to identify reef life and spend time in professional labs learning the hands-on science of reef restoration with the experts. Then you'll have a chance to try out your new freediving and reef restoration skills by planting coral in the sea, creating a real impact on our coral reefs.

We believe building a healthy relationship with the sea is a personal adventure. To ensure you get the most out of this experience, our camp is exclusively limited to eight participants. It includes diving, equipment, learning materials, food, accommodation and accreditation. The impact you'll make is priceless. Every part of your journey will be documented above and below the surface by our professional photographers. Every student goes home with photographs of this unique experience to cherish for a lifetime. Contact us for full details, as bookings are essential.

Restoring the Reef

This camp is a response to the destruction of Indonesia’s globally significant coral reefs.

Coral reefs have been called the ‘rainforests of the seas’ for their grand biodiversity and impact as one of the world’s most important ecosystems. Sadly, coral reefs face threats and devastation that could change the world as we know it. Through our freediving community, we aim to protect coral reef habitats and create incentives for reef management and conservation. Our program benefits coastal communities who depend on coral reef resources –including us– as we consume reef dependent fish.

Freediving is an inclusive and accessible activity that allows people to experience the wonders of the reef. We hope this camp will inspire a love for spending time in the sea and in turn create advocates for our precious reefs.

Our Vision

Our Eco Freediving Camp vision is to bring together eco-minded freedivers and rebuild the reef.

It's for anyone who wants to extend their own capabilities by exploring the ocean, the body and the mind with a single breath. Together we learn how to give back to nature with a community of positively charged people. We build skills, restore the reef and make friends for life.

Conservation: Welcome

M a r i n e  L i f e 

E n c o u n t e r s

Adventures Below and Beyond

Conservation: Features

Freediving with Manta Rays & Dolphins

Freedive for pleasure in the majestic company of Manta Rays and Dolphins in Bali

Join us on this adventure-packed day to Lovina to freedive and boat alongside large pods of wild dolphins, or at Nusa Penida to dive with the graceful, gliding Oceanic Manta Rays. There are also good chances of spotting other beautiful wildlife such as turtles, stingrays and tropical fish.


Diving and documentation

These special encounters include boat transfers, lunch, a full day on the water to explore the natural habitat and habits of these local marine creatures. Learn about these beautiful animals from our knowledgeable guides while enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity. Our friendly freediving instructors will be there to dive alongside you. Professional underwater photographic and video documentation of your personal encounters make our trips unlike any others out there. Go home with a beautiful memento of your wildlife experience to treasure forever.


Send us a message via our contact page to book

Group and individual bookings welcome, specific dates are reserved throughout the year, so enquire now to secure your spot. Private and group bookings, as well as full weekend trips that include both locations, are available upon request.

Anak Pacific Empowerement Program

Safety Freediving for Fishers

Traditional fishers, like Bajo People, have a big role to provide protein for the global citizen. 90% of the fish that we eat are produced by traditional fishers. Many of the traditional fishers catch fish using apnea method. However, there is not enough information regarding to fishing using apnea method. Eardrum rupture and unconsciousness often happen to fishers. Seeing this problem, Anak Pacific actively engage fisherfolks to practive freediving safely.

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Coronavirus Message

All trips, courses and camps are currently postponed to ensure the safety of our community. As soon as it's safe to get back in the water we will resume our regular services and update you with the new details.

In the meantime, to keep up our enthusiasm, we are offering exciting specialty courses:

One-on-one underwater photoshoots in Australia. Tailored packages for families, couples and individuals in isolation at heavily discounted rates. All shoots abide by health and safety regulations.

Online freediving training programs and challenges for individuals and teams. Practice freediving skills on land and join our community honing their dry training.

Theory sessions for Lap 1 & 2 and Wave 1 & 2 courses are taught in full length, the same as you would receive in any course. The theory will go towards your full accreditation.

These specials are held by our qualified instructors in live presentations.

We understand many people across the world are impacted by the pandemic. We believe these extraordinary times call for community spirit. We are offering free online participation in our training programs for any freedivers.

To participate in any of our activities simply send us a message via our contact page to sign up. 

We hope everyone stays healthy, safe and happy. We can't wait to see you again. When the time comes, together we'll be back in the water with joy!

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C a s t a w a y

This project is a studio documentation of found items from the sea and beach. Debris and wildlife demonstrate the mixture of organic and inorganic matter currently in our oceans. The unnatural objects highlight the strain humanity places on the health of the ocean, particularly the impact of plastics and ghost nets.

Could one of these items be traced back to you?

Found something you would like to include in the Castaway project?

Send it in to be photographed and we'll return it to you.

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Conservation: Pro Gallery

View more images dedicated to Marine Conservation in our gallery.

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Conservation: Pro Gallery

(The above infographics have been imported in good faith by external sources and are not the property of Anak Pacific.)

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Dive and Protect 

Learn to freedive and have the chance to visit the home of many wondrous marine creatures. Plus get some tips from these relaxed deep divers. Turtles need our help too. Plastic pollution is destroying their ecosystem and can be mistaken for food, causing a painful death to an extraordinary animal. Join our movement to preserve, protect and promote healthy oceans. Here's a video of a lucky experience you may also get the chance to have when you book a course with Anak Pacific.

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