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P H O T O G R A P H Y 

Underwater  Sessions

Creative Collaboration

Discover the secrets of poise and relaxation required to dive and pose underwater like a professional model or athlete. Our talented photographers and experienced freediving instructors will guide, support and direct you through the whole shoot. You will receive high resolution, professionally edited digital images, direction advice and an online consultation prior to commencement. These packages are exclusively offered by Anak Pacific and are unique in all the world of freediving and underwater photography. Photo sessions are original and specifically tailored to achieve your desired result.

Remember all program enrolments make you eligible for a 10% discount on any further session with Anak Pacific!

Sessions are for men or women, with options for couples, newlyweds, groups and families also available. We cater to special requests, such as artist portfolios and commercial shoots, wreck-the-dress, maternity and surprise sessions for gifts and momentous occasions. These packages come in special combination deals with our Freediving courses and Marine Conservation experiences.

To view more images head to our Underwater Photographic Gallery. Send us a message via our Contact page with your request and details, as bookings are essential.

Photography: Courses & Programs

O p e n   W a t e r

Ocean Editorial

This session takes place in the beautiful open sea accessible by shore. Perfect for confident swimmers who want to see themselves in a new light, tailored to models and the camera-shy alike. These photographs are works of art that are created collaboratively to achieve your vision. Costumes and conceptual planning are provided. Create your own lasting treasure with this photo series as you explore our location options such as coral gardens, underwater sculptures, shipwrecks and the deep blue.

Photography: Text
Photography: Pro Gallery

P o o l  S h o o t

Underwater Elegance

These comfortable sessions take place in the stunning pools of private villas in various locations. This is one of our most popular sessions, as it is suitable for any level of water confidence. This package is tailored made to produce the results you dream of, no matter if you are a model or novice in front of the camera and in the water. These fine art photographs express the story you want to share, fact or fantasy. Costumes and conceptual planning are provided.

Photography: Text
Photography: Pro Gallery

P h o t o -

F r e e d i v e

Passion Combination

If you would like to begin or advance your freediving with Anak Pacific as well as participate in the making of a unique underwater photo session, our Photo-Freedive package deal is made for you. This package is designed to express our passion for both Freediving and Underwater Photography. This session may showcase your athletic prowess, your underwater grace and document your Freediving journey. Throughout the duration of your Freediving course, we will capture your time in the water with both candid and organised shots. On competition of your Freediving course, you will go home with an arsenal of new skills and a one of a kind photographic memento.

Photography: Text
Photography: Pro Gallery

M a r i n e  L i f e 

F o r  L i f e

Moments that matter

Ever dreamed of diving alongside energetic pods of dolphins, or gliding beside Oceanic manta rays? We make these joyous experiences unforgettable by capturing it all on camera. Want to show the world how you helped restore life to coral reefs? Professional underwater photographic and video documentation of your personal encounters and environmental efforts make our eco trips and camps unlike any others out there. These are the moments that matter and deserve to be captured beautifully. Go home with a treasured memento of your marine life experience to cherish for life.

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